Hi. I am Kiyla. Welcome to my web site (which is totally designed by  my grandparents - Jiddo and Tata).


Jiddo and Tata say the reason for this site is to celebrate Kiyla (that is me) and to talk about my condition: Optic Nerve Hypoplasia.


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Site Map: My website is organized to make it easy to browse, read, listen to my favorite music, and watch pictures and videos of me. There is information and links about ONH as well as news and videos of other people who are blind and have ONH.

Home Page: This page is my website's home page. It plays a nice song for me (so turn upyour speakers' volume) and shows assorted pictures of me.


About Me: This section is all about Kiyla. It has sub pages that feature my favorite Kiyla music and show tons of pcitures of me, videos of me, and things I like.


News and Events: This section is all about ONH. There is a page that provides some detail about ONH (what it is, why it is, related issues, and prognosyis). There is a page that talks about Stem Cell Implants and how it has helped people with ONH. There is also a calendar of important dates for me and an RSS feed of news from various organizations for the blind.


Contact Me: This page provides two ways for you to contact me; you can either leave me a private note or sign my very public Guestbook.


Volunteer: This website is not about soliciting anything for me but I provide links to worthwhile causes and organizations that allow you to help other blind people.


Blog: This page is designed to start blogs about me and/or ONH.


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